Jazz in Brussels

Our guides are real all-rounders.

This walk through the historic heart of the capital will give you a picture of the who, what and where of Jazz in Brussels. As who today knows that Brussels, in pre-war Europe, was one of the most important cities when it came to this type of music? Jazz is still extremely successful in Brussels.

Did you know that the saxophone was invented in Brussels? Do you know who Louis Frémaux is? Have you ever heard of Stan Brenders or Fud Candrix? You certainly will have heard of Toots Thielemans, but does Mal Waldron mean anything to you?

Where did all of these people play? What is the ‘fanfare des barbus’? And when does the annual Jazz Marathon take place?

A Klare Lijn guide has the answers to all of these questions and will add to the tour with lots of little extra details and music. And of course you’re allowed to dance!