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The Marolles, the fleamarket district

The Marolles district can be found at the foot of the Palace of Justice. This is an area that has fluctuated between wealth and poverty. Renaissance painter Pieter Brueghel lived here, Joseph Poelaert worked here at the Palace of Justice, the black market was rampant here during the Second World War. The flea market is held here every day of the week. Slums were replaced by prize-winning architecture, Horta even built a school here, the city archives are at its outskirts and a wine merchant had a fabulous cellar built across the street. Today the Marolles is an area where the bourgeoisie come to buy on the flea market and borrow in the Mont-de-Piété (pawnshop). More and more of the local shops are taking on an elite cachet, and Prince Laurent had a mass celebrated here after his wedding ... Life as it is really lived in the Marolles ...