Coping with Covid-19

Dear visitor,

Klare Lijn / Brussels Walks have resumed their guided tours. We - and you - strictly adhere to the rules in order to be able to perform these in complete safety. Groups are thus strictly limited in size (up to 15 participants). All participants wear their mouth masks so that mouth and nose are covered and remain at a distance of 1.5 meters from each other. Participants refrain from touching surfaces (door handles, railings, etc.) and follow the instructions of their guide. Our guides always carry disinfectant hand gel and a limited stock of spare mouth masks and avoid narrow passages or small spaces during the walks, where possible.

Failure to observe the measures may lead to the premature termination of the tour. In this case, the total agreed fee remains due in full.

We do wish you, even in these unusual times, a pleasant and safe visit to Brussels!